Reasons To Install Wireless Security Cameras

With security features rivaling their hard-wired counterparts, wireless security cameras have become the new alternative in security systems. Providing flexibility and simplicity wireless systems are able to provide long range transmission will built-in recording capabilities. Furthermore they are not vulnerable to wire cutting and are much easier to install.

Currently have a traditional home system, or considering a new installation? Here are three reasons why you should go wireless:

1. Easy Installation – Install your wireless system just about anywhere. Within 15 minutes and using little more than a few small holes for mounting brackets, your camera will be up and running. Wireless home security cameras are also easy to pair with existing equipment and can be set up anywhere inside or outside the home.

2. Security – Hardwired cameras leave too much room for exposed vulnerability, making it easy for criminals to shut down the camera’s vision by cutting the wires.  However, with a wireless home security camera you reduce this risk significantly, because they are placed in areas that are difficult to reach.

3. Convenience – With a traditional, hardwired system, moving cameras around can be a chore. However, with a wireless home security system you can move cameras on your own or take them with you if relocating.

Probably one of the greatest features of wireless cameras is the remote access they provide; enabling protection while you’re away. Now you can enjoy far-away monitoring from your wireless devices, such as smart phones, laptops, and key fobs.

Seen as the new evolution in security systems, wireless security cameras provide many benefits to consumers in installation and surveillance capabilities. Furthermore, depending on the system you choose, this may prove to be the most cost-effective way to protect your home.   

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