Burglar Bars: Should You Install Them?

Block intruders and make your home a fortress against intruders with sturdy burglar bars. This is a simple but very effective security product for home and business owners alike. If you have safety concerns, burglar and windows bars are great deterrents to thieves, plus, they offer several benefits over other security systems. 


Since you make only a one-time investment when you purchase burglar bars you won’t have to worry about monthly subscription fees, from monitoring systems. Another advantage is alarm systems that rely on other sources, cannot work if power and phone lines are down, with burglar bars; however, your home is still protected.

Types of Security Bars

The two types of window bars are either interior-mounted bars or Spanish bars, which mount outside the window.

Interior bars provide less risk for vandalism plus, the newer models of polycarbonate security bars are even stronger than the metal counterparts.

Interior-mounted bars that are combined with glass-break detectors require intruders to trigger your home alarm before they can attempt to get through your bars. Bear in mind also that barred security doors should be used to protect doorways, which can offer an attractive alternative to barred windows.

Although all windows should be equipped with bars, building codes require bedrooms and other areas such as basements to have windows that can double as secondary exits. Window bars in these areas must open easily from inside, making interior bars the better option.

How to Install Burglar Bars

•    Decide whether to use interior-mounted or Spanish bars. 

•    Carefully measure your window openings.

•    Drill holes for the fasteners at the points you have marked in the window frames.

•    Attach the bars with fasteners

Interior security bars are usually attached to window frames using screws. Spanish bars are anchored to your home's exterior wall using rawl bolts or steel pegs. If you are relatively handy and have access to the proper tools, you can save money by installing them yourself.

Burglar bars are a simple, economical way to protect your residence from intruders. Purchase one today from a home security company or from a hardware store.

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