Stylish Designs in Modern Home Security Equipment

The first home alarm systems had devices that were all straight lines and sharp angles. Old wired systems involved either tearing up the walls to run the cables, running unsightly conduit or tacking wires to surfaces. None of the options were ideal. Modern wireless systems negate the need for long cable runs from each sensor back to the alarm panel, and the new devices actually have a design flair that will fit any decor.

Wireless Saves the Walls

Modern wireless systems have sensors that communicate by radio waves. The sensors can be anything from a combination smoke and carbon monoxide detector to the standard door and window magnets that trip when a door or window is opened. The old systems required at minimum a pair of wires from each sensor that was run all the way back to the alarm panel. Wireless systems use a small lithium battery that lasts for years before needing replaced. When a battery in a sensor does need replaced, the alarm control panel screen will let the homeowner know. Since every sensor communicates with the alarm wirelessly, no cables need to be run through walls.

The Look of Modern Alarm System Sensors and Cameras

The electronic devices of a home security system used to come in one color, and they had about as much of a design flair as a cardboard box. Everything was beige and square. The manufacturers of the devices have been listening to the desires of homeowners and making their sensors and control panels in more colors to match the needs of specific design themes. They have also designed alternatives to the bulky squarish look.

Wireless window sensors are tiny and can be tucked out of the way. The alarm control panels of some manufactures have flip open covers to hide lights, screens and buttons, making the panel no more obtrusive on a wall than a furnace thermostat would be. Door sensors can be installed so that the magnets need not be visible on the door frame. Interior and exterior cameras can be installed that are so small they often have to be pointed out to visitors before they are even noticed.

Homeowners need to look around at what is being offered by the specific companies offering the systems. Each company uses different suppliers for the actual alarm system components. If the look of the sensors, cameras and alarm panel are a criteria in making the final decision for a home security system, take the time to look at what is being offered by each company. There are still some who only have the square and beige, but there are others who have better looking security components available in more color choices.

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