Security for Windows and Doors

Windows and doors often need more protection than other areas of the home. By placing sensors, motion detectors, and other barriers in these areas, your home remains safe at all times.

Windows are particularly vulnerable areas of the home. Attaching sensors around the window frame will sound the alert when a break-in is attempted. You can also install locks, shutters, and security bars to further deter intruders. Although this can compromise the appearance of your home, it may be worth it to protect your home.

Doors can also be reinforced with sensors to prevent unauthorized entry. It's not uncommon for break-ins to start at the front or back doors. Using existing entry points, especially those at ground level, are one of the easiest ways for burglars to gain entry. In addition to sensors, adding locks to all doors and placing curtains around the windows allows intruders to think twice about entering your home.

Windows and doors are essential components to any home. A home security and monitoring system can keep these areas protected so that intruders remain on the outside and your valuables out of harm's way.