Surveillance & Monitoring

Stay on top of your home security with surveillance and monitoring tools.

Security Lighting

A bright home can make burglars think twice about entering.

Windows & Doors

Protect entry points with extra security.

Gates & Fences

Keep burglars out with gate and fence protection.

Benefits of Home Security Equipment

For the most extensive protection around your property, it's often beneficial to install motion detectors, window sensors, and other security equipment in addition to your regular home security system. By placing all areas of your home under security, you can make sure it stays protected at all times.

Types of Security Equipment

For surveillance monitoring, motion detectors and sensors are heavily used to protect the most vulnerable areas of homes: the doors and windows. Keep these entry points guarded through wireless sensors that trigger the alarm when break-ins are suspected.

Security lighting also uses motions detectors to trigger lights inside and outside the home, giving the impression of someone being home so that burglars are deterred from entering.

Sometimes, the best security equipment isn't connected to the wiring of your home security system. Break-ins and other incidents can be avoided simply by installing gates and fences around your property.

Strengthening your home's entry points is one of the smartest ways to protect your home. Research on property crime has shown that burglars commonly enter homes through the front door or first-floor windows.*

Break-ins are costly and time-consuming to manage. Save yourself the hassle by installing security equipment to accompany your home security system. While standard alarm and home security systems offer the basic level of protection for most homes, additional security equipment reinforces the overall safety around your home.

*Source:, "Anatomy of a Burglary"