Get Home Security Monitoring With Protect America

Most homeowners think an alarm system is enough to protect homes, but they don't realize that alarm systems simply sound the alarm without necessarily alerting the authorities. Want to keep your home safe and stay connected to emergency personnel? Get a home security monitoring system that protects your home and directly communicates with local authorities!

Protect America provides a variety of solutions to your home security that works with your property's unique features and your budget. You'll find custom solutions through additional tools and equipment that cover all angles of your property. Most companies will try to stick using a traditional landline for security systems; Protect America offers what you're used to, and more!

Protect Yourself — Stay Connected

There are several ways to stay connected to Protect America's monitoring station when emergency events occur:

  • Homepulse Broadband: Uses alarm panels connected to a Protect America
    monitoring station via broadband modem or router.
  • Cellular: Utilizes a GSM cellular device to connect to emergency personnel.
  • Standard Landline: Allows traditional phone lines to contact monitoring stations.
  • Two-Way Voice Landline: Uses a traditional phone line to directly connect with
    emergency personnel.

To find the right monitoring system for you, consider factors like your budge, home design, and preferences in technology.

No matter which mode of communication you select, Protect America believes home security monitoring should be a necessary feature for all homes. Start protecting your home today — sign up for Protect America monitoring systems and services now!

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Upfront Cost FREE $939
Average Monthly Price for Monitoring As low as $29.95 varies by package $40.99 a Month
Contract Length 36 Months 36 Months
Type of Connection Wireless Wireless & Hardwire
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