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The White House: Ultimate Home Security

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If you’re looking for the pinnacle of home security, look no further than the residence of the most powerful man on Earth. The White House, located at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, boasts some of the tightest security in the world.

And for good reason. The president is a high-profile assassination target, and some of the information and discussions held in the White House are labeled the highest level of “classified.” It’s no surprise some people would want illegal access, either to harm the leader of the free world or get their hands on top-secret information.

To keep these people out, the government employs several tools. First of them is the Secret Service, the highly trained and heavily armed presidential bodyguards. Thousands of Secret Service agents are constantly looking for direct and indirect threats to the president, patrolling the White House in uniform and undercover.

The White House also has physical barriers to prevent entry. A high fence borders the White House grounds to keep out people. To prevent a car from driving through it, the fence is protected by thick concrete pillars. Visitors to the White House have to undergo thorough inspections before gaining entry.

In addition to the known security measures, it’s speculated that there are many unpublicized and unseen defenses that are kept secret. They range from secret underground escape routes to anti-aircraft missiles on the roof to a laser capable of shooting rockets out of midair.

Despite the high levels of security, the White House has not proven to be impenetrable. Presidential security has been breached 91 times since 1980, sometimes intentionally and other times by accident. Though not all intruders have malicious intentions, this nonetheless indicates that the White House isn’t impervious.

Still, it has a pretty good track record. In addition to being a target for assassination, today’s presidents get as many as 30 death threats a day. Considering the massive threat, it’s safe to say the White House is one of the most secure buildings on the planet.

You’re probably not able to get a Secret Service detail to patrol the yard or install weapons-grade lasers on your roof. Still, you can secure your home and make yourself as safe as the President without nearly as much effort. To find out more about home security, be sure to check out the rest of our site.

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