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Daytime Burglary Rates Jump

Last week, the Federal Bureau of Investigations released its Uniform Crime Report for 2011. Inside the report, there was some surprising data showing that the number of daytime burglary offenses was 4% higher than what they were in 2010. Small as it sounds, it’s actually a bad sign. Over the last few decades, the crime rate around the nation has been in a steady decline. This meant that not only was the number of burglaries going down, but also the average cost of each burglary was going down.

Now there seems to be a general stigma among homeowners that most burglaries take place in the evening. This is a fair assumption to make because common sense dictates that burglars would be stealthier at night and they could get more done while a homeowner is sleeping. In actuality, burglars much prefer to pounce during broad daylight because the odds are much more in their favor of being able to get in-and-out quickly with little risk. Even though they might be plainly visible during the day, it is almost unlikely that anyone will see them coming unless you have a large particularly vigilant neighbors that don’t leave for work during the day.
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Going back to the data for crime last year, the United States reported over 754,000 daytime burglaries last year. This represents 54% of all residential burglaries reported last year. Additionally, these 754,000 intrusions were responsible for an average value loss of $2,330.
Because of this rise in daytime crime, we wanted to suggest a few tips that can help you keep your home safe:
  • Keep your doors and windows locked. Whether you’re home or not, keeping your doors and windows locked is a must. Many homeowners think that leaving a back door open for a child to come home from school is fine but in reality it’s the first place a burglar checks. If your doors and windows are locked, there is still a chance they could break in but if it is difficult, the burglar will more on so they don’t attract too much attention.
  • If you have a security system, arm it before you leave. You would be amazed how many people do not arm their security system. Without arming it, the system is about as useless as a pile of rocks. With the alarm and monitoring activated, not only do you stand a higher chance of scaring off a burglar but you can also be sure that someone will be along to help you. 
  • Mix up your daily routine. We all have our daily routines. However, they are a burglar’s best friend. If they can time exactly when you leave and come home every day, they have an exact window of time to break in when they know you’re not around. Mixing up your routine makes all the difference. Vary the times you leave and return. It is also a good idea to occasionally come home during the day for lunch to check on things and show that you’re around. 
  • Ask your neighbors to keep their eyes open. If you have neighbors who are constantly around, ask them to keep their eye open. They are your first line of defense against a burglar because they know when something is out of place. Starting a neighborhood watch can be of extreme value to all in the neighborhood. 
As crime rates rise, be sure that you’re protected. For more information on last year’s crime statistics, check out the FBI’s site.

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