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James Bond Security Accessories


At Home Security Deals, we could not be more excited about the release of Skyfall, the 23rd official film in the James Bond series. Besides being the greatest spy series to ever be depicted in film, we also love Bond for another big reason; the gadgets. We love everything from the simple attaché case of “From Russia With Love” down to the “Vanish” from “Die Another Day.”

However, we also see a good opportunity to make your home seem like it was designed by MI6’s Q branch. We wanted to take a look at a few devices and tips that can help make you a spy.

James Bond security devices and accessories - Home Security Deals
  • TeleSpy Phone: This is one of the coolest devices we’ve seen in a long time. While on the outside it may seem like a standard corded phone, it is actually a motion detector that will call your phone when it detects motion and play the sound coming from inside your home. For $49.99, it is one of the coolest devices we’ve seen.
  • Sunline’s Spy Sunglasses: As we mentioned in one of our earlier posts on pedestrian safety, knowing what is behind you is a must. These special glasses act as transparent lenses to those looking directly at you but you see something a bit different. On the inside part of the lenses is a mirror that allows you to look at what is coming up behind you. If this doesn’t help you prevent a sneak attack, what will?
  • Walther PPK In Skyfall, you see Bond reverting back to his classic pistol, the Walther PPK. If you are a licensed and trained firearms user, we still recommend the classic PPK over the PPK/S. Yes this does have one less round in the magazine but it is smaller and lighter than the PPK/S. Additionally, when outfitted in .380 caliber, it can be one of the best personal defense weapons around.
  • Aston Martin Vanquish: Just in time for Skyfall, Aston Martin released their brand new Vanquish replacing the DBS. We see this as the perfect bond security device especially when you outfit it with classic bond gadgets like oil slicks, bulletproof shields, rockets, motion activated machine guns, and, of course, an ejector seat. You never know when a couple of bad guys might try and chase you while you’re out and about.
  • Brando Spy Watch: In the market for a new wrist piece? Brando has the solution for you. While it looks like your typical stainless steel watch, it actually has a tiny camera installed in the “2” on the watch’s face. This camera is good for 352 x 288 video and can store 2GB of video on internal storage.
  • Biometric Wall Safe: This one seems to be right out of the movies. It is a built-in wall safe with a biometric fingerprint scanner. It is a perfect size to hold your important documents and possibly that Walther we mentioned earlier.

These are just some of the great gadgets that you can try to make your life more safe and secure—just like James Bond. Make your life more secure and be sure to check out “Skyfall” coming out November 9th.

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