Best Places to Set up Home Surveillance Cameras

When it comes to installing home surveillance cameras, it’s less about how many you have and more about where you put them.

Strategy dominates quantity when setting up cameras to watch your home. Why? Most surveillance cameras provide expansive views that range from 60 to 100 feet, so there is no need to have them everywhere. Also, some areas of the house are more vulnerable to break-ins than others; a room with no windows on the second floor is a highly unlikely location for intruders to break in through, whereas the front door is more feasible from a burglar’s perspective.

Here are some of the best places to set up home surveillance cameras that efficiently cover all areas of your home:

  1. Patios. Home surveillance cameras can be installed in the eaves and doorways to watch for any break-in attempts through the home’s most common entry ways. A surprising number of burglars try opening doors before breaking it down or shattering the windows. Surveillance cameras installed along the eaves above patios help keep an eye out on your home’s most vulnerable spots and monitor them closely.

  2. Offices and Safe-rooms. If a burglar is successful in gaining access to your home, then you want to make sure you see exactly what they take and where they took it from. In addition to the outside, home surveillance cameras should be installed wherever valuable items are stored inside the home. These may include the office and saferooms, as well as bedrooms and closets. Again, corners and ceilings are the best places to mount the camera.

  3. Basements. Protecting basements with security systems is often considered an afterthought to the rest of the home, but homeowners should be more mindful of them as they are technically an entry point. Burglars may also be aware of this and will certainly try to break in quietly. To send a signal that your basement is also protected, install surveillance cameras above windows and doors to make it clear that the basement is not an option for covert entry.

  4. Front Doors. When placed at the front door, a home surveillance camera stores valuable details of the most visible areas of your home.

  5. Garage Doors. Home surveillance cameras placed above garage doors help keep an eye on driveway activity, where burglars may sometimes park their car in order to get closer to your home. It’s also a great area to install security lighting, where motion sensors turn on the lights with activity and freeze burglars in their tracks.

Home surveillance cameras are a great way to protect both the exterior and interior of your home. By keeping a constant eye on the most vulnerable areas of your property, you’ll have a greater peace of mind and worry less about catching intruders.

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